Dr. Karnail Singh Kalsi

     The achievements of Ramgarhia misl are well known in the history of Punjab, Maharaja Jassa Singh
was called Maharaja long before Maharaja Ranjit Singh declare himself the sovereign ruler of Punjab in 1979 AD. Maharaja Jassa Singh was the leader of 30000 men and owner of than 350 forts and in receipt of annual tribute adding to million of rupees from other states and rajas.
     There is hardly any foreign country where the member of Ramgarhiakom have not gone and produced something out of nothing. These are well known for their public spirit and philanthropy. These few hundred pages contain biographic sketches and achievements of a few enlightened and distinguished persons will reveal that our people have contributed to all spheres of human knowledge and activity they have all worked hard with firm determination, foresightedness and tenacity of purpose while leading a life of strict disciple and always sought prosperity through hard work.
     I hope this mini encyclopedia of our people will prove useful to all section of our society in match making
and matrimonial alliances, arranging social get together, which will result in solidarity of our people and national unity. I had tried to do selfless service to the people and faithful and objective completion of the material collected from all walks of life with a view to uplifting our people and shunning the inferiority complex from their mind. I had tried to remind "Our great past and glorious future". It is the first step in the right direction for solidarity and national unity. If this great community unites and determines once, it can find a befitting solution for the vast problem of education, unemployment of our country.

I pay my gratitude to BABA NAND SINGH JEE who have blessed me to serve the Ramgarhiakom.
I am thankful to Mrs. Anuj Suri of microSolution who had given life to my dream.
This book is also the hard work of S. Satvir Singh Jagdeo and Designer Rinku Dhanjal.
This is the first step to highlight Ramgarhiakom there will be so many mistakes.
I request all of you, guide me to serve the community better.
I regret the poor quality of some pictures, because I could not get the original
photographs from the concerned person even after so reminders to them.
I am also thankful to my family, relatives and friends for their timely contribution,
without their cooperation, I may not be able to do this job. I am thankful to the advertisers.
I request Ramgarhiakom to help, guide and co-operate me in future so that,
I may continue this good work in a much better way.

Dr. Karnail Singh Kalsi

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