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Family of the Month

October 2001

Family of The Kartar's

    Punjab is producing 60% of total grain of country. In this achievement no doubt good seed, medicine and hard work of farmer is involved but we cannot deny the contribution of agricultural machinery.
    This modernization in machinery came from a small town, Bhadsaon, which is now on the agricultural machinery map of India. This was possible only due to hard work of Kartar Combine Family. They have developed seed drill thrasher, which was later known as Bhadsaon Type.

     In 1974 they got the credit to develop the first combine in India. But the government did not allowed them to manufacture their product on large scale. They further modified it and made it to work on a tractor. In 1983 a team of Central Government Inspected and gave them the certificate of COB (Carry On Business).
In 1984 company got an honuor to export one self propeller two tractor driven combines to Pakistan. 1987 was a golden year in the history of Kartar Combine. They received State Productivity Award and The National Award. In 1996, they exported machines to West Africa, South Africa, Zambia (Lusaka). Now they have developed maze-hader machine, paddy transplant machine, and Kartar hair ballor sugar cane transplant machine.
With the cooperation and hard work of the family they have established there brand. They have been selling 100-110 machines of different models per year. With the efforts of all the family members they have achieved various awards and honors.

Family of the Kartar's
- Sardar Harbans Singh got married to Smt. Tara Wanti.
    - Sardar Amarjit Singh got married to Smt. Bimla Rani.
    - Sardar Ishar Singh got married to Smt. Narinder Kaur.
    - (Late) Sardar Persem Singh got married to (late) Smt. Ranjit Kaur.
    - (Late) Sardar Kartar Singh got married to (late) Smt. Baljinder Kaur.

    Family has opened a library in memory of Sardar Persem Singh and his family. They also organize book release functions and medical camps in their fond memory.
   People of Punjab especially farmers are grateful to them for their contribution to agricultural equipments which has saved them a lot of time and money and hence improve their living standard.


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