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Couple of the Month

December 2002

Smt. & S. Swaranjit  Savi

    Sardar Swaranjit Singh Bhamra had a dream that on his first night he would present his first poetry book as a token of "Ghund Chukaye" (present of maiden night),
   For that he worked day and night and got his dream come true by getting published his book on that day and presented his book "Dayrian Di Qabar Chon" to his wife Smt. Manjit Kaur on the day of their marriage, 24th April, 1985.
   Sardar Swaranjit Singh Bhamra popularly known as “Swaranji Savi”, was born on 20th October, 1958 to Smt. Mohinder Kaur Sembhy. His father Sardar Mohan Singh was once offered a Job in Japan by a Japanese Engineer but his illiteracy became a hindrance in the path of his prosperous future. From that day his father made a firm decision that he will educate his children with the best of education so that they might not face the same problem in the success path of their life.

    Swaranjit continued his study while helping his father in "Rocket Foundry Corporation". But his inner artist was unable to adjust in that dimension of life and in order to satisfy his soul he joined as editor (Literature & Art) in "Quami Rajniti" in 1985. He worked their till 1987 and later worked in "The Mehram" (a monthly magazine) from 1987-90.

    It is a famous saying that coming events cast their shadows so was the case with Swaranjit Singh. He was a born artist and his ability started to show from a very young age when he was studying in school in fifth grade. He started to draw sketches at this young age when other children of his age are busy in playing. In his college days he was inspired and motivated by Professor Kalia for writing Ghazals, short stories and poems etc.
He did his matriculation from Vishavkarma Higher Secondary school, graduation from Govt. College Ludhiana, then M.A. from Guru Nanak Dev University in 1981. He began painting as hobby and participated in several competitions and exhibitions. He has organized more than 35 individual shows of “Poster Poems". He has also organized three one man shows titled “Desire' a series of 35 oil paintings.

    He is an established poet. He is life member of Punjabi writer association. He has given 6 books of poetry to the Punjabi literature and one to English. They are as following:
 - Dayria Di Qabar Chon-1985
 - Awaggya-1987
 - Dard Piadey Hon Da-1990
 - Dehi Naad-1994
 - Kala Hashiaya to sooha Gulab-1998
 - Kameshwari 1999
 - Desire (English) 1999

     He got married to Smt. Manjit Kaur Deogan on 24th April,1985. She did her graduation from Ramgarhia Girls College Ludhiana in 1986, then B. Ed. from Khalsa College for Women, Ludhiana in 1987, M.A. from Punjab University Chandigarh in 1990. She continued her studies after marriage. She is working as lecturer in Guru Ram Das Academy Ludhiana. The couple is blessed with a Son and a Daughter. The couple had given the message to Ramgarhiakom that "Education of children should be compulsory".

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