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Family of the Month

December 2001

Family of S. Nahar Singh Ghatauray

    The family of Sardar Nahar Singh Ghatouray is a family of gentle people. All the family members are very sweet natured, soft spoken and always live in 'Rab Dee Razaa’
    Sardar Nahar Singh was born to Smt. Jagir Kaur Saggu at village Kular near Ludhiana on November 3,1943. His Father Sardar Sher Singh is an all rounder. He is a good mason, carpenter and good pathi ( Gurbani reciter). He is master in building the GUMBUDS of Gurdwara's. You can see his art work at the museum of P.A.U. All the building has been made by his hands.

      Sardar Nahar Singh did his studies at Jassowal and Gursar Sudhar. After completing his studies he came to Ludhiana (a city of industries). Then he started to work as a fitter ( a job of accuracy ) at Golden Star Industries. Then he joined Malwa Mechanical Works & later Sagar Industries. He is a hard worker and his dreams are high. So he left the job and started his own business. He had the curiosity to do something of high quality.

     So he started to manufacture the best quality nuts of bicycle under the name of Sunrise Industries in 1969 with two hand-operated machines.Now he has almost 18 machines supplies to the quality conscious people of Ludhiana (Hero Group). Because of his nature the family is respectable in and around Ludhiana. This family is very close to Sardar Mohinder Singh Kalyan (M.P. Rajya Sabha).Family is devotees of Baba Mehan Singh Ji Sihar Wale. They are always ready to offer any kind of sewa for the Thath (A Holy Place). His family is also keen to travel a lot. He visited England twice and his father visited England three times. Sardar Nahar Singh got married to Smt. Harbans Kaur Birdi resident of village Bheronmunna ( Near Sahnewal ) on 16th April,1964. She is a nice woman. She is always ready to serve the Sangat of Sihar inspite of her ill health. The couple is blessed with a daughter and two sons.

     Eldest son Sardar Mohan Singh was born on October 17,1973. He did his matriculation from St. Bawara School. Then he did his graduation from Arya College. He got married to Smt. Kuljit Kaur Matharoo D/o Sardar Raghubir Singh Matharoo on 18th January,1995.The couple is blessed with two sons.

    Younger son S. Inderjit Singh was born on June 6,1975. He completed his studies from St. Bawara School. He took little interest in studies and left the school. He spent most of his time to serve the Sangat of Sihar. He is an ever ready driver of Sihar. He got married to Smt. Harpreet Kaur Matharoo. The couple is blessed with a daughter and a son.

  Both Sons of Sardar Nahar Singh look after the factory and Sardar Nahar Singh spends
most of his time serving the Sihar. Thath, as well as he, guides his sons to do good for Ramgarhiakom.


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