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Family of the Month

August 2002

Family of S. Bhajan Singh Kalsi

    In 1947, after the partition, one man came to India from Pakistan after losing all his assets. This man was not alone but with him was his family and with no means for their survival.
    He didn't knew what was in their fate. But with strong will power and determination from a petty business of repair work of Tonga- Rehri he rose to build a strong empire of world renowned company, which is known today as Bhajan Singh & Sons (Regd.), the company is engaged in the manufacturing of domestic and commercial juicer machines.

     Yes, we are talking of none other than Sardar Bhajan Singh Kalsi of famous "Kalsi" brand juice machines. This was not an accident but is the result of hard work and quality.

      S. Bhajan Singh was born on 10th March, 1926 to Smt. Hardai Sondh and Sardar Nand Singh. He completed his schooling in Lahore, Pakistan and after that he migrated to Ludhiana during partition and started his Tonga-Rehri repair work at Shahpur Road, Ludhiana. After that he started to manufacture Gear Boxes under the brand name 'BSK', with his younger brother Sardar Bachan Singh Kalsi. In 1971 the family separated and he started his own business under the name Bhajan Singh & Sons (Regd.). He got married to Smt. Jageer Kaur Gharayl in 1948. The couple is blessed with a daughter and two sons.

   His elder son Sardar Jagmohan Singh was born on 6th April,1954. He did his matriculation from Khalsa National School in 1970 and joined his father's business. Under the able guidance of his father, he developed automatic juice machines which were widely accepted. Keeping pace with the new technology they further developed automatics V-belt drive, V-belt drive covered, domestic motorized juice machines, heavy duty and hand operated mixers, carrot juicers, lassi machines, hand operated and motorized ice cutter and Pista Badam cutter machines.

    Currently they are into the development of automatic peeling and juicer machines. For his contribution towards the industry and technology, he was awarded Punjab Rattan award on 23rd November, 2001 by Shaheed Memorial Sewa Society. He got married to Smt. Bupinder Kaur Ghatauray of Samrala on 11th March, 1974.

    His younger son Sardar Baljinder Singh Kalsi was born on April 15, 1957. He did his matriculation in 1976 from Khalsa National School. He was awarded with Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia award by United Youth Federation in year 2001 for his services to the community. He got married to Smt. Balbir Kaur Riat of Samrala on 25th January,1981. The couple is blessed with two sons.

The family believes in “Unity". The core strength of their success is this single word and this is the message that they wish to convey to Ramgarhia Community through Ramgarhiakom.com that “We are successful as long as we are united". Ramgarhiakom hopes that we should remain united to face the challenges.


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